Areas of Practice

Some of the industries that benefit from our advice would be:

Mining and Quarrying
Electricity, Gas and Water
Retail, Motor trade and Repair Services
Finance and Business Services
Catering and Accomodation

About us

Having started practicing Labour Law under the previous industrial court system (1956 Act), we have been at the forefront of pioneering labour advice. We are firm believers in tertiary education and our specialized team carries various degrees and qualifications from South African’s top Universities. It is the service and experience of our dedicated staff that we put at your direct exposal.

The Labour Relations Act of 1995 and its various amendments, does create a challenging environment for Employers. We aim to guide our members in making sense of these challenges and provide cutting-edge advice on legal behavior by our members.

We provide tailor-made solutions to our members.

Our Services

Employers should have a clear understanding of the different employment options and dismissal categories at its disposal.


  • Fixed Term Contracts – time based or project based
  • Permanent Employment – probation periods and retirement dates to be fixed
  • Independent Contractors as opposed to Employees
  • Mergers and Acquisitions and the implications and effect of purchasing other firms and taking over staff
  • Standardization of Employees remuneration and or benefits

Dismissal Categories


The fault of the Employee. Employers must adopt rules (disciplinary code) to guide themselves and employees in this regard

Poor Performance

Incompetence, lack of skill or knowledge, incompatibility, poor social skills

Ill Health

Intermittent illness, physical incapability, long-term illness, alcohol or drug addiction


No fault dismissals and procedures to be followed


Please feel free to access any of the following at no cost. If you require additional information, please contact us, via email, to make a request; it may just be free documentation that we did not have space for this website.

Hours of work

Basic Guide to leave


Basic Guide to leave

Sick leave
Maternity leave
Family Responsibility Leave
Annual Leave


Written particulars of Employment
Schedule 8 of Labour Relations Act
Fixed Term Contract
Deductions and Other Acts Concerning Remuneration
Contract of Employment Template
Children under 15 and 18
Basic Conditions of Employment 1997

Hours of work

Pay for public Holiday
Night Work
Pay work on Sundays
Daily and weekly rest periods
Meal Intervals
Overtime hours
Ordinary hours of work
Regulation of working time

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